female filmmaker Sarah-Laura Hauenstein

Sarah-Laura Hauenstein

(English) Sarah Laura Hauenstein (*1988) is a Swiss experimental and documentary filmmaker. She is interested in non-tangible and fragmental inner conflicts of human beings and complex interpersonal relationships. She expresses herself audio-visually and aims to glimpse behind the scenes by exploring ways and means to depict the concealed and to visualise the invisible. Her background is in journalism and communications, BA studies, Switzerland and film making, MA studies, UK. In the past Sarah-Laura has primarily been a member of an international group of like-minded filmmakers and worked on collaborative projects in the roles of Producer/Assistant Director/Camera Operator and Editor. A major milestone was the editing-experience of She Is Juiced,a Creative Documentary about 4 LBGTQIA+ female artists by Lois Norman. She Is Juiced had its premiere at the Tate Britain in London in 2017. Nowadays Sarah-Laura predominately works on her own projects. She currently is working on her first feature-length documentary as a writer and director. Sarah-Laura is a part of the artists group whitenoise_projects as well as a member of w.in.c (Women’s Independent Collective). ------

(Deutsch) Sarah-Laura Hauenstein (*1988) ist Autorin & Regisseurin. Sie realisiert einerseits eigene Projekte und arbeitet andererseits in einem internationalen Kollektiv von unabhängigen und freischaffenden FilmemacherInnen. Sie ist Teil von whitenoise_projects sowie Mitglied von w.in.c (Women’s Independent Collective). Sie hat einen Hintergrund in Journalismus und Organisationskommunikation (Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, Bachelor of Arts) und Filmmaking (Kingston University, Master of Arts).

Sarah-Laura Hauenstein ist derzeit im Kanton Zürich domiziliert, arbeitet aber regelmässig an internationalen Projekten. Neben persönlichen Projekten arbeitet sie freischaffend und produziert Image-Filme, Auftragsfilme, Porträts etc. Derzeit arbeitet sie an ihrem ersten langen Dokumentarfilm-Projekt.



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